My new fitness DVD "Living Life To The Max"

Hello there

This is a long overdue update to my website.

Everything is going really well.

I am so enjoying my "Lorraine" show from Monday to Friday every week and I've had some incredible guests on the show recently including  Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett.

I'm really excited about the release of my DVD "Living Life To The Max" with my friend and fitness expert Maxine Jones.

I've been going to her classes for about two years now and It has changed my life.

I've managed to  shape up and lose weight and I have so much more energy.

I go to Maxine's classes on Monday in the local church hall five minutes from my flat in London and on a Wednesday  night in Bow, in the east end of the city.

It's great fun and for the first time I have found exercise I really enjoy.

I have posted lots of photos of me and the girls all hot and sweaty after a class and women from all over the country asked us to bring out a DVD so they could join in.

We filmed it during  an actual class so everyone can experience the energy and fun.

The DVD is released on Boxing Day and it's the nearest thing to being at a class with us.

It will be perfect  for getting back into shape after Christmas and kick starting your own fitness campaign in the new year.

You can pre order here: