I first heard about the Moonwalk back in 2002 when we did an item on this brand new event on my GMTV show. The idea was to enlist women who would get dressed up in brightly coloured bras and then walk through the streets of London for 26 and a half miles starting at midnight.

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It was the brainchild of Nina Barough, who was working in the fashion industry in New York and wanted raise money for breast cancer charities by going on a power walk. She had the idea of wearing colourful bras to make it more fun, and the whole event took off in a remarkable way. In one of those horrible turns of fate, two months after that first event, Nina discovered she had breast cancer. This made her even more determined to raise funds and awareness.

When she asked me to take part in the first UK moonwalk, how could I refuse?

Since then I have done five moonwalks in London and three in Edinburgh.

It's a remarkable evening, full of fun, camaraderie and emotion.

All these incredible women, and some blokes, earn an extraordinary amount of money for breast cancer charities.

Nina made a full recovery and is now a mum, and she has seen her idea blossom into events that happen all over the world.

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